Database to QuickBooks

In this data integration ETL example, we will create a Data Interface to extract Customer Accounts data from a Database and load it into QuickBooks.

Refer to the attached video on the steps involved in setting up a data interface between a source and target application.

The JDBC Server URL in the DB Info activity to configure the QuickBooks Online connection uses the following format:

jdbc:quickbooks:Schema=Online;Company Id=<Company Id>;OAuth Client Secret=<OAuth Client Secret>;OAuth Client ID=<OAuth Client ID>;OAuth Access Token=<OAuth Access Token>;OAuth Access Token Secret=<OAuth Access Token Secret>;

Please refer to the attached video and walk-through document to obtain the values for the Server URL fields above.

The QuickBooks Driver is already bundled with the product.  Select this driver from the Database Driver drop-down list as shown in the video.


If you are connecting to an on-premise/Desktop version of QuickBooks, the JDBC Server URL uses the following format:

jdbc:quickbooks:Schema=< Schema >;user=< User >;password=< Password >;URL=< URL >;


NOTE: To perform an Update to records in QuickBooks, make the following modifications from the activities included in the video:

In the Data Interface Target configuration:

  • Modify the My target layout details (Adv. Database Schema) to include a Primary Key, which is the Id of your QuickBooks object.
  • Modify the My target location details (Adv. Database Target) to an Update Database Operation.
  • Modify your Data Mapping to include a mapped value for the target element Id, which would be the unique key for the record you want to update.


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