HL7 integration Enterprise and Cloud applications

In this use case we will create a HL7 data integration template using two options:

1. B2B Trading Partner: Setup inbound/outbound relationships with trading partners and define event (FTP, LAN, Email, MQ etc), mapping (translation) and target for your HL7 data. Also configure notifications.

2. Custom orchestrations: Design and configure custom process flows with source, mapping and target. Also add additional steps to handle exceptions, sub processes along with notifications. Use this option if the target is a cloud application. Here we can use Web Service or RESTful API as target. Another advantage of using the orchestration is that we can publish and host this flow as a Web Service within Adeptia (either as a SOAP or RESTful API) and thus enable your company to standardize on HL7 message exchange with your clients such as EMR/EHR's, IT vendors, and healthcare providers.


Refer to the walk-through PDF document and the deployable solution file for additional details.

Also provided is the sample HL7 file used as a source and the target table scripts used in the database target.

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