Routing data errors to email notifications

In this use case we will show how to identify and route data errors to an email notification. As part of error handling data integration scenarios users can build additional types of error handling activities such as routing exceptions to workflows, sub processes, status table in a database or to a web service. The process designer provides developers with flexible design capabilities to automate their error handling as per their business rules.

Process flow does the following:

  1. File Event triggers the orchestration if a file is present in the source folder
  2. Schema activity reads the file and also filters out errors if there are semantic or data type mismatch
  3. Correct data is passed to the mapping and then the output is sent to the target
  4. Sequence arrow connecting the Gateway condition to the Email Target checks on the Source Schema activity for errors
  5. In the expression condition we use the logic  "ErrorOperationCount of the Source Schema is not equal to blank"
  6. If this condition is met only then the Email Target route will be taken during run-time else the process would end
  7. As part of routing errors we right click on the Source Schema and choose Multiple Stream option
  8. In Multiple Stream we create two streams, error is mapped to Email Target and the correct data is mapped to the Mapping activity


On the Gateway condition we are using ErrorOperationCount context variable to check if the second activity in the flow (source schema) is filtering out any errors as it parses the source data file. If Yes then we route those errors to an email target activity to notify end users.

Please refer to the walk-through PDF document and the attached solution deployable and supporting files.

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