Parameterized queries: Passing dynamic variables into SQL Lookups

In this use case a user submits a web form with a report request and receives a report in an email attachment within seconds.

As part of the data integration flow we will go through the following steps:

  1. An end-user requests for a report by filling and submitting a Web Form which in turn triggers an orchestration
  2. Report type is a parameter that is selected in the Form and it can be a PDF, CSV or Excel
  3. Form parameters are passed into the process flow context and into the Adv Database Source query
  4. Parameterized query is set in the Adv Database Source activity SQL which selects only those records that match the Form parameters
  5. In the process flow we use Gateway conditions to check the Report Type variable value and then call the specific sub process
  6. For PDF format we use the iReport utility
  7. Send these reports via Email
  8. See the run-time results in the process flow logs dashboard


Process flow design:


Refer to the video, attached walk-through document, deployable solution and supporting files.

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