Record by record processing in a loop process flow

In this data integration use case we will design an orchestration that contains:

1.  Record Queue Producer to read one record at a time from source

2.  Looping logic in Gateway to read next record from the Queue

3.  Record Queue Receiver to pass single record to the target

4.  Exit condition to come out of the loop when the source file is fully read

5.  File event to trigger the process flow and discuss the scenarios where row by row looping is applicable
The condition on the sequence flow arrow connecting the gateway to the Record Queue Receiver contains the following logic to check if the queue has records else it will exit out of the loop.

String queue = context.get("Service.queueName.nextRecord");

 if(queue.equals("true")){   return true;

}  return false;

Refer to the walk-through document, deployable solution file and the sample data file to run this solution in your local Adeptia Suite.
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