Create a custom service using Custom Plugin

In this use case we will create a custom LinkedIn connector in Adeptia using Custom plugin, here are the steps to implement the data integration process:

  1. As an example we will use an open source Java API (JAR) to call LinkedIn
  2. Java API uses OAuth token to connect and then executes a RESTful web service URI to get company profile
  3. Create a custom service using Custom Plugin that calls this Java API
  4. Design an orchestration that contains this Custom Plugin
  5. Pass a parameter via context variable into this Custom Plugin
  6. Map the response of the Custom Plugin into a target
  7. Show the results of the process flow execution
  8. Discuss some of the scenarios where Custom Plugins are applicable


In this example we pass a value from the context variable into the Custom Plugin.

Context variable is set as a Process Flow variable in the process flow designer.

Result of the Custom Plugin execution is passed as a stream to a context target that has a parameter name set as output.

In your scenario the target can be a web service, database or any other system where you would want to pass the data for processing.

Similarly the source can be a file, database, web form, or a web service that contains the input parameter for the Custom Plugin.

Use this example as a template to build your solution where custom service is needed to call existing Java programs.

Refer to the walk-through PDF, the deployable solution file, JAR file and the custom plugin code.

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