Calling Database Stored Procedure in process flows

In this use case we will call a database stored procedure through a process flow to get an account profile. The process flow will be published as a Web Service and the incoming Request with "account id" is passed as In Params to the stored procedure call and the Out Params (result) is passed back as a Web Service response (in JSON).

As part of the data integration orchestration we will go through following steps:

  1. Configure a Database Stored Procedure Service in Adeptia Suite that executes a stored procedure (such as in MS Sql Server)
  2. Execute the activity as part of a process flow
  3. Publish the process flow as a RESTful Web Service using Adeptia's Web Service Provider interface
  4. Call the orchestration through a RESTful Web Service and pass the input REST parameter into the In Param of the stored procedure
  5. Convert the Stored Procedure Out Params response into a JSON object
  6. Pass the JSON object as a Web Service response

Process Flow design:



Refer to the walk-through PDF document, deployable solution and the supporting files.


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    David Paras

    Note: When calling stored procedures from an Oracle database, the @ symbol in front of the parameters is not needed

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