MS Dynamics CRM Connector for non-technical users

Non-technical users can use Adeptia's MS Dynamics CRM Connector to integrate CRM with any target application in minutes.

Connect the CRM to any target by following these 4 simple data integration steps:

  1. Provide connection parameters of MS Dynamics CRM (on-premise or cloud).
  2. Select the data that needs to be captured, updated or created, such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads etc.
  3. Use Mapper to auto-map or apply additional data conversion rules.
  4. Apply Event rules to trigger the transactions automatically or on-demand basis.

Refer to the walkthrough document and the deployable solution process flow. Use the Migration Utility of v6.1 or higher to deploy the solution.

Please contact Support to get a trial license of the MS Dynamics CRM JDBC driver.

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