Creating a REST API for Data Conversion

In this example we will show how to create a template process flow and publish it as a dynamic mapping service (REST API) that would execute data conversion dynamically based on the type of request parameters and binary payload being sent to the API. 


  • Mapping ID (ID of your data transformation/coversion service)
  • Schema ID
  • Schema Type
  • Payload (data that needs conversion)


  • Output from the mapping (converted data)
  • Option to send the mapping XSL code (transformation logic in XSL standard)

Based on the Mapping and Schema ID the template process would automatically override the placeholder activities in the flow with actual schema and mapping activities and produce the output based on the request.

Using this data integration approach we can use one template flow to convert any type of source data and call the related mapping that would convert/transform the data. Source data can be of any format such as EDI, Text, Fixed Length, XML and the mapping would create the output as per your format.



Refer to the video and the walk-through PDF document to learn how to build a dynamic service. Also attached is the solution file that you can deploy into your local Adeptia Suite through the migration utility.

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