Designing workflow that pulls data from Salesforce

In this example we would design a data integration workflow that pulls new support cases from Salesforce "Case" data object and shows it in a workflow task to an end-user for review.

The process of designing this workflow requires following steps:

  1. Design a webform and use a table component, specify the column names that would show related data from Salesforce Case data object.
  2. Configure a workflow task and assign it to a user. This user would see the task in the Task Manager once the workflow gets triggered.
  3. Define the Schemas, Source activities of Salesforce consisting of the connection endpoint, particular Salesforce object and a query (optional).
  4. Design a process flow as shown in the video.


Refer to the deployable process flow export file. Use the Adeptia Migration Utility to deploy this process flow into your local instance.

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