Calling a REST API

In this data integration example we will call Manage Engine Support Center REST API and execute an AddRequest method. Refer to documentation of this API here

This REST API call has an end point with this format: http://<server-name>:<port-number>/api/xml/addRequest

And three required parameters Email, Subject and APIKEY that need to be passed as part of the Post operation.

Steps on how to configure a REST API call in Adeptia:

Step 1: In order to call this API, we will go to Adeptia Integration Suite > Develop > Services > Web Service > Consumer and configure the call.

Below we need to provide the endpoint (URL) and the Parameters. Refer to the video for more details.



Step 2: Design a process flow that contains the Web Service Consumer activity as shown in the video.


Step 3: Run the process flow and verify if the record has been inserted successfully in the target application.


You can also check the process flow logs to see the status of the API call.



For details please refer to the video below.


Also attached is the deployable process flow. Use the Adeptia Migration Utility to deploy and run the process flow.

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