Generating PDFs through Workflows

In this use case we will create a workflow that assigns a task to an employee to fill out a webform that generates a USCIS I-9 PDF and also maps the form data to a database. Workflow also assigns a final review/approval task to a Manager. Purpose of this use case is to show you how easily Adeptia's workflow capability can allow you to design rich workflows that incorporate PDFs and map the data to backend applications.

As part of the use case we will show:

1. A running workflow where an employee enters data in a webform and after submitting the form it generates I-9 PDF

2. Map the generated I-9 PDF to a database and also place the PDF in a folder

3. Assign a task to a Manager for final review and approval and also show the attached I-9 PDF in this form

4. Build a new workflow and create new webforms and show how to map webform fields to I-9 PDF fields

Please use the Migration Utility to deploy the attached workflow for you to try it out in your local Adeptia instance. After deploying the data integration process flow also make sure you change the folder path in the File Target activity to your local or network folder.

Also note if you need to map the data of the webform to a database then go to Services > Schema > XML and create new XML schema, choose webforms option and select the particular form and save the schema. Use the Mapper (Services > Data Transformation) to map the Form Schema to any target application. 

For help in how to design workflows please reach out to us at

To deploy the attached process flow (deployable zip) in your local Adeptia instance through Migration Utility, follow the steps outlined here:

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