Calling Live Traffic REST API

In this example we will show how to create a front-end solution for your customers that allows them to make selections in a web form that in turn calls the related API and provides the result back to the user.

As an example we will design and implement a data integration process flow with MapQuest Geocoding APIs to get live traffic reports based on a City (

In a webform, user selects a City and automatically Adeptia calls the MapQuest API and provides the result.



In this example, we will go through the following:

1. Build a front-end application form for user to make selection, such as City and other parameters

2. Orchestration that takes the form data and dynamically determines which API to call

3. Dashboard that shows the results of the API call and the traffic map

You can deploy the attached example through the Migration Utility to run this example in your local Adeptia instance.

Also attached is the traffic map web form file that you can upload and try out or you can create your own form.

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