SalesForce Connector FAQs

Q1: Which are the Salesforce APIs used by our connector?

Adeptia Salesforce connector s  :- create(), delete(), describeSObjects(), getDeleted(), getUpdated(), query(), retrieve(), search(), undelete(), update(), upsert()

Q2: Do we use the Bulk API offered by Salesforce? 

Yes , we use BulkAPI too.

Q3: In case of using the Bulk API, what is the interface offered?

For BulkAPI , the interface we use is Rest Consumers of Adeptia.

Q4: How an initial load (massive) would be implemented?

We will load the data in Chunks initially and then put triggers to synchronize data on daily basis.

Q5: In case of having to insert 500 contacts, for example, is the API called 500 times? Or it can be managed in batch updates?

No API wont be called 500 times , It can be managed in batch updates.

Q6: In case of using “Adv Database” schemas for updating joined tables, how many calls are done to the Salesforce API? One for each table, a single one,…?

It will be a single call.

Q7: When defining an DB schema for Salesforce connector, we can select the fields from a Table (contacts, accounts,…) as with any other table in database but is there any way to know which are the mandatory fields required to complete a proper action on that object (contact, account,…)?

For this we need to check the Salesforce Developer API guide to know the mandatory fields .

Q8: About logging capabilities, how does it work? When a process flow is executed and the logging capabilities are active so you can see the details in the “History > Process Flow Logs”, with the details of each activity and the context,…. How is the logging executed? Is it sequential and each time an activity is executed it is logged into the database and then the next activity is executed (once the logging action is completed) or does it takes place in parallel?

Yes it is sequential as per the sequence used in a process flow.

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