API Management Accelerator

Files related to setting up API Management in Adeptia Suite are:

1. API Management interface - accelerator package zip file

2. API table sql script

Use Migration Utility to deploy the accelerator (zip) package. The API package is for Adeptia with Backend and Logs database on MS Sql Server.

Here are the instructions on setting up the API module on Adeptia instance

  1. Setup two databases in SQL Server - backend and logs to be used for Adeptia
    • Create two sql authentication user accounts, one for backend and the other for logs
    • Each database should be default to that user
  2. Download and install latest Adeptia installer (run command install.exe -DConfigureBackendDatabase=true)
  3. Use the sql server database created above as backend and log database during the installation
  4. Start the Adeptia instance
  5. Apply the rich forms license (email Support if you don't have one)
  6. Launch Migration Utility and install the accelerator package (zip file)
  7. Extract the contents of the "web" zip file and place them in the Adeptia installed directory ../ServerKernel/Web folder
  8. Login into Adeptia as apiuser with password indigo1
  9. Modify the database connection under Common project and make sure it is pointing to the right backend database created above
  10. Run the API table sql script on the backend database
  11. Restart Adeptia Server


To verify whether the API Management module is deployed successfully, login to Adeptia and go to Monitor > My Solutions and see the API Management menu options.

You should be able to view your published APIs, create documentation, view and try out your APIs.

Here are some of the screenshots of the API Management interface.













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