VL Trader Integration

VLTrader is a secure communications package for transferring files between remote computers using various TCP/IP protocols. It is an AS2 Server product with the added functionality of sending/retrieving files using client FTP/s and HTTP/s.


VersaLex™ Trader (VLTrader) is a powerful software platform that manages secure electronic transfer of business documents to and from trading community partners over the Internet, through VANs, or over other specialized TCP/IP connections. Using certified, proven EDIINT technology, VLTrader combines the secure core communications functionality of AS2, AS3, FTP/S, and HTTP/S with communication network configuration and management tools essential to the efficient handling of hundreds to thousands of trading partners and customers.


Adeptia Suite enables its users to transform the EDI data with the support of standard protocol, such as FTP(Solicit) whereas VLTrader enables its users to transfer the EDI data with the support of few additional protocols, such as FTP(Solicit and Unsolicit) and AS2(Unsolicit).
Integrating Adeptia Suite with VLTrader application enables both the Adeptia Suite and VLTrader users to take advantage of both the applications. This helps the users to transform the EDI data with the help of Adeptia Suite and then transfer the EDI data with the help of VLTrader. In addition, the users will be able to access the VLTrader application from within the Adeptia Suite.

When you will configure your VLTrader then it will ask for the Database or XML file for storing the logging information. You have to select any Database where you want to store the logging information by providing the Database Connection Configuration while setup. A table named “VLTransfers” will be automatically created in the selected database whenever any transfer operation is performed(Get or Put) and the logging information for that or future transfer operations will be stored in this table.

Logs of VLTrader transfers can also be viewed through Adeptia. Adeptia doesn’t creates any separate table for maintaining the VL Trader logs and it uses the same table created by the VLTrader. To view the VLTrader logs firstly, we have to create a Database info that will point to the same database that you have selected for logs while setting up VLTrader. Select this newly created Database Info while creating the VLTrader Configuration activity.

So, the VL Trader logs are independent of the Process Flow Logs and whenever any VL Trader activity is executed then the corresponding logs are generated. To view the logs in the AdeptiaSuite GUI go to My Monitor>B2B>Secure Communications and select the VLTrader Configuration that you have created above. These logs will contain all the information for Transfers that are performed by VLTrader to Adeptia or vice versa. The log information in the table "VL Transfers" will be inserted only when when any transfer operation occurs.

The Transfer Report View Window will be shown and it will contain the below information:

  1. Transfer ID (generated by VLTrader and used as a "key" to the records)
  2. Start Time(Start Date and Time the file transfer started)
  3. Folder(Host folder alias)
  4. Host(Host Alias)
  5. MailBox(Mailbox Alias)
  6. Direction(Direction ("send" or "receive"))
  7. Status(In Progress”, “Receipt Pending”,"Interim Success"* (Database payload only),“Success”, “Warning”, “Error”, “Exception”, orInterrupted”))
  8. Filename(Original filename)
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