Change the transaction split size


The splitter appears to be set at 2000 since our migration to 5.3. We need it set to 5000 and the place where the setting is set has changed. I used to be able to change the setting in Extensions - Custom Plugins, but this no longer appears to be the case.



  1. Login as EDISolutionUser with password ediuser123 .
  2. Go to Services>Extensions>CustomPlugins.
  3. Search for CP_GenerateInterchanges plugin.
  4. In this custom plugin,  you can defined the desired split value in the '2000' shown below

PluginUtils.generateInterchanges(context, service,2000);

Put some high number like 5000 which you think would be maximum possible transaction that you would be receiving.

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    David Paras

    In V6.1, this property has been moved to the Relationship Configuration screen.

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