Trigger a process flow using Database Trigger

In  this data integration use case we will go through the following steps:

1. Create a database trigger in MS Sql Server using Adeptia's Database Event service

2. Attach the trigger to a process flow using Event Registry

3. Create database connection using Database Info

4. Create Database Source and Schema

5. Insert or update a record in the table specified in the database trigger to trigger the process flow

6. See the process flow get executed and process the newly inserted or updated record(s) and view the results

7. View the Event dashboard and the run-time orchestration logs


Create trigger syntax follows the standard MS Sql format and the trigger is created in the MS SQL Server database after the Database Event activity is activated in Adeptia. This 'create trigger' Sql statement is configured in Adeptia's Events > Database activity.

create trigger dbevent on dbo.assetallocation for
declare @accountid varchar(50)
set @accountid = (select accountid from inserted);
INSERT INTO dbeventtriggertable VALUES ('Query = WHERE accountid ='''+@accountid +''' ' );

Refer to the attached video, walk-through PDF, and the deployable solution file.


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