Null Pointer Exception while upgrading to AC v3.0

Situation: I am currently on Adeptia Connect v2.9.3 and would like to upgrade it to v3.0. While applying the v3.0 patch on Connect Server, the patch gets failed with the following error:-

Error on activity "Copy Files"
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
at ~[patchUpdate.jar:na]
at ~[patchUpdate.jar:na]
at ~[patchUpdate.jar:na]
at ~[patchUpdate.jar:na]
at [patchUpdate.jar:na]
at [patchUpdate.jar:na]
at [patchUpdate.jar:na]


I have checked the downloaded zip file ( ), and it is not corrupted. Also, the size of the downloaded file is the same as mentioned on the Adeptia website.


Solution: The patches available on the Adeptia website are QA certified and can be applied easily but sometimes, due to some intermittent issues, the patch gets failed. This issue is coming during verification of the Pre-Requisite step while copying the files present in patch folders. We have a workaround for this issue that will resolve the issue and the v3.0 patch can be successfully applied.

Please follow the steps below:-

  1. In the extracted folder of the v3.0 patch, kindly, take the backup of the existing patchInfo.xml file and replace it with the attached one.
  2. Now, apply the v3.0 patch.
  3. After applying the patch, goto the Adeptia Installed directory and open the wsdl folder.
  4. Now, take the backup of the existing "SOAPWebhook.wsdl" file and replace it with the attached one.
  5. Apply the Post-patch Deployment steps.
  6. Restart the Adeptia services.

After following these steps, the server gets upgraded to v3.0 successfully.

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