Synchronizing your Backend systems with Salesforce

In this example, we have covered a scenario of how to synch-up your back-end system (such as a Database) to Salesforce.

The attached presentation describes this from an end-user and a developer perspective.

-          End User perspective (run time):  Use a Web Form to trigger off different process flows (simple and clean web screen for business users to select a Salesforce operation). The form allows download/upload of data to and from Salesforce including report generation.

-          Developer perspective (design time): Salesforce calls a Web Service running in Adeptia (when a change in account record occurs in Salesforce it triggers a Web Service in Adeptia and sends the updated data to Adeptia). Also, a reporting (using iReport) process is implemented to email a report based on a selection in the web form.

Attached is a full export of objects for your reference.


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