Debugging - Source/Target

This forum post will help you troubleshoot issues related to Source/Target activity creation and execution.


                                                                                                Debugging Steps

  1.  Make sure to define the Schema in compliance with your source/target file and Test the Source/Target file for errors in Schema by using Test Button.
  2. For Target Activity, we must have appropriate permission to create File/Folder or Insert/Update database.
  3. There could be multiple issues while using File/Target activities. Depending on the error you can search on following link:


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                                  Information to be Provided to Support for Assistance 

  1. The Screenshot of error that you are facing while using Source\Target. 
  2. Screen shot of Source\Target activity in Edit mode with which the issue is coming.
  3. Sample Source or desired Target file.
  4. Schema XSD file. You can download the XSD of the defined schema by Clicking on View mode of that activity. Copy and Save the XSD in file and send us.
  5. Application log files.

PS: Providing the above information to support will ensure quicker resolution as Support will have the necessary information to investigate the issue.

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