External monitoring of Adeptia Services using Zabbix

Requirement:- How to add Zabbix monitoring server to monitor Adeptia Connect Portal & Connect Server URL.


  1. Zabbix agent Installation on Client machine.

 Download Zabbix agent MSI installer from Zabbix Website. This Zabbix agent should be compatible according to Zabbix server version. For Linux host, Zabbix agent installation steps will be different according to Linux flavours.


  1. To install, double-click the downloaded MSI file.
  2. Accept the licence to proceed to the next step.
  3. Specify the following parameters.

Host name                                     :               Specify host name.
Zabbix server IP/DNS                    :               Specify IP/DNS of Zabbix server.
Agent listen port                             :               Specify agent listen port (10050 by default).
Server or Proxy for active checks  :               Specify IP/DNS of Zabbix server/proxy for active agent checks.
Check Remote commands             :               Mark the checkbox to enable remote commands.
Uncheck Enable PSK                     :               Mark the checkbox to enable TLS support via pre-shared keys.
Check Add agent location to the PATH   :               Add agent location to the PATH variable.                   


         4. Select Zabbix components to install - Zabbix agent daemon, Zabbix sender, Zabbix get.

         5. Click on Install and Finish.


Zabbix components along with the configuration file will be installed in a Zabbix Agent folder in Program Files. zabbix_agentd.exe will be set up as Windows service with automatic startup.


Note:  Almost all Windows based systems have Windows Firewall active and running, therefore Zabbix agent port (10050) must be opened in firewall in order to communicate with Zabbix server.


 2. Now you need to configure your Zabbix server to monitor that Windows host.


  1. Add Zabbix Agent Monitored Windows Host to Zabbix Server.
  • Once the windows agent has been tested from command line and everything looks fine, go to Zabbix Server web interface, move to Configuration tab -> Hosts and hit on Create Host button in order to add the Windows monitored host.
  • On Host window add the FQDN of your windows agent machine in Host name filed, add an arbitrary name to Visible name filed in order to easily identify the monitored machine on Zabbix panel, make sure the host is included into a Group Servers and add the IP Address of your windows host in Agent interfaces filed. The Port value leave it unchanged. 
  • Next, go to Template tab and hit on Select button. A new window with Zabbix Templates should appear. Navigate through this window, check Template OS Windows and hit on Select button to add the template.
  • Once the Template OS Windows appears on Link new templates filed, hit on Add button in order to link this template to the windows host configuration. Finally, after the Template OS Windows is visible in Linked Templates filed hit on below Add button to complete the process and add the entire Windows host configuration.
  • After your monitored windows machine has been added return to Configuration -> Hosts and the windows Host should now be present in this window as illustrated on below screenshot.

 With these steps you will be able to add that host to Zabbix server. Just assure that your windows host Status is set to Enabled and wait a few minutes in order for Zabbix server to contact the windows agent side and process the received remote data.


2. Add Web monitoring for Adeptia application URL.

 We can use Zabbix web monitoring to monitor the web interface of Adeptia Connect. We want to know if it is available. To do that we also must log in with administrator user and password.

 We will add a scenario to monitor the web interface of Adeptia Connect. The scenario will execute a number of steps.

 1. Add a new web scenario.

  • Go to Configuration → Hosts, pick a host (Which was added) and click on Web in the row of that host. Then click on Create scenario.
  • Provide the name of the Application Like Adeptia Connect.
  • Update interval (in sec) to 30
  • Select Firefox XX.X (Windows ins Agent Dropdown)

 2. Define steps for the scenario.

  • Click on Add button in the Steps tab to add individual steps.
  • Name > Name to your Web scenario like Adeptia Connect Portal
  • URL > Provide the URL of the Web application.
  • Provide Required status codes > 200
  • Leave other options as default values.
  • When done configuring the step, click on Add.
  • Now Click on add option on Steps tab.



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