Debugging LDAP, SVN, Backend/Log databases

This forum post will help you troubleshoot issues related to LDAP, SVN, Backend/Log databases.


Debugging Steps


  1. Try to connect with third party client like LDAPAdmin with same User password as provided in configuration file(
  2. Make Sure all the configuration changes for LDAP are as per the Document.
  3. Check if LDAP\ActiveDirectory server is running.
  4. Check the Kernel Application.log file for any errors. (
  5. Ensure that the Backend/Log Database server is running.
  6. Check if you are able to connect with Backend/Log database using any Database Client.
  7. Check the number of connections available are appropriate on the DB server end.
  8. Check there is no deadlock on the Database server end that might be restricting the DB update.
  9. Ensure that the SVN repository directory has RWX permissions.
  10. Make sure SVN server is started.
  11. Check that 3690 TCP port is open where SVN server is installed as it uses 3690 as default port.

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Information to be Provided to Support for Assistance

  • Application log files(
  • Configuration files present inside ".\AdeptiaSuite-6.2\AdeptiaServer\ServerKernel\etc":,,, ldapConfiguration.xml.
  • Screenshot after connecting to LDAP using third party tool. 
  • Screenshot where you are receiving the error.

PS: Providing the above information to support will ensure quicker resolution as Support will have the necessary information to investigate the issue.

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