Debugging Application Configuration

This forum post will help you troubleshoot issues related to Application Configuration (Clustering, Performance, System Optimizations etc.) 


Debugging Steps


  1. Clustering service by default is disabled, we need to enable it from property abpm.cluster.enable to use clustering.
  2. While using Clustering make sure all the nodes have the same version of Adeptia Suite installed on them.
  3. While setting up a clustered environment make sure that all the nodes of the cluster use the common Backend and Log database.
  4. For better performance on the Production system, follow all the recommendations on our Performance Tuning Guide.
  5. Check if the System CPU and Physical memory are not completely occupied.
  6. Check the Adeptia System Console for Adeptia's Performance and Usage statistics.
  7. Check the log files for any possible errors. (
  8. Check the LogsArchiveAndCleanup.log file for any possible errors during cleanup.
  9. Restart Adeptia in case you are unable to access it or it is not processing files.


Related Articles Configuration

Search the error you are receiving on forum( 


Information to be Provided to Support for Assistance

  • Screenshot of Error that you are receiving.
  • Application log files(
  • Run the Tracer utility before Restarting Adeptia services and send us the created zip file.(  
  • Download the System Console Report from Administer> System Console page after logging in via admin user.

 PS: Providing the above information to support will ensure quicker resolution as Support will have the necessary information to investigate the issue.

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