Debugging Trigger/Events


This forum post will help you troubleshoot issues related to Triggers/Events


Debugging Steps


  1. Navigate to History > Event Logs and check for any errors present there.
  2. We can start/stop the processing of a specific process flow, by activating/deactivating the Event associated with it.
  3. We can configure email ids in "Notification Receiver Email-ID(s)" field present under Advance Properties and if there is any error throw while triggering event activity a mail will be sent to the configured email id.
  4. If triggers are not getting triggered even though they are active in that case try to Stop/Start the scheduler.
  5. Check the Kernel Application.log file for detailed error description. (
  6. If your FTP Event is not working try changing the Connector Types under Adv. Properties of FTP Event.
  7. For detailed logging of Events please enable the "Verbose logs" under Adv. Properties of Events.(
  8. If Database Event is not working please check it is running and you are able to connect with the Database event.
  9. If unable to connect with the FTP event please make sure to test it with other third party FTP client like Filezilla.


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Information to be Provided to Support for Assistance

  • Application log files and Verbose logs(
  • Screenshot of respective Event in View and Edit mode. Make sure to send the complete screenshot with all fields expanded.
  • Screenshot of Event logs at the time when event  is firing. 

PS: Providing the above information to support will ensure quicker resolution as Support will have the necessary information to investigate the issue.

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