Debugging - Installation

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Debugging Steps

  1. If an issue occurs during installation, you will be notified on the final screen of the installation wizard.
  2. For more information regarding the error, refer to the Adeptia_Suite_Install_mm_dd_yyyy_hh_mm_ss.log file located in the Adeptia installation directory (Ex: C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaSuite-6.2)
  3. Depending on the error thrown, you may be able to identify the issue. Otherwise you can search the support forum for articles that may address the problem


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Information to be Provided to Support for Assistance


  • Screen shot of Error that you are receiving
  • Install log file (Ex: C:\Program Files\AdeptiaSuite\AdeptiaSuite-6.1\Adeptia_Suite_Install_mm_dd_yyyy_hh_mm_ss.log)
  • OS, RAM, and Hard Disk space of the server


PS: Providing the above information to support will ensure quicker resolution as Support will have the necessary information to investigate the issue.

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